Attract attention to your social media profiles

If your company has profiles on social media, adding Follow buttons to your website is a great way to promote them. Invite your website visitors to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, subscribe to your YouTube channel or Instagram feed.

Use Follow buttons to promote your social media profiles

Here is how you do it

  1. Open your GetSiteControl dashboard
  2. Click Create widget and choose Follow from the list
  3. On the Appearance tab choose a color and position for your widget. The most popular position for Follow widgets is buttons that you can put either on the right or on the left side of the page
  4. On the Content tab choose what social media networks you want to include. Click the Add Button link when editing your widget to add more social networks and include a link to each of your social media profiles
  5. Save the widget and activate it

Need more information?

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