Add a technical support form to your website

Let your website visitors easily contact you with questions or problems through a custom contact form on your website. A contact form is much more convenient for a website visitor to use than an email address. Put the form on every page of your website or choose specific pages where your customers might need help and add the form to those pages only.

Managing contact form submissions is as easy as answering emails: you receive notifications about new messages to your email and reply to them right from your inbox.

Here is how you do it

  1. Sign in to your GetSiteControl account
  2. Click Create widget and choose Contact
  3. On the Appearance tab choose a color and position for your form (in our example it's a bottom panel)
  4. On the Content tab choose one of the available templates or add your own custom fields to the form
  5. Save the widget and activate it

Need more information?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at