8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgets

8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgets
Nina De la Cruz
Nina De la Cruz on Sep 17, 2018 7 min read

Customer feedback is crucial. It helps reduce the guesswork and optimize the customer journey – which in its turn can increase your revenue by up to 15% according to McKinsey research.

Yet, many website owners are still reluctant to start collecting customer feedback. Some believe it’s pointless because too few people respond to feedback requests anyway. Others are only interested in the opinion of those who have converted. (But how do you find out why some people didn’t convert if you never ask?). Finally, there are entrepreneurs who fear that collecting feedback may be technically challenging.

The truth is, with no-code apps like Getsitecontrol, interacting with website visitors becomes super-easy even for non-techies. You can add surveys and contact forms to the most important pages of your website – those, where you know a potential customer is supposed to make the decision. And once you start engaging with the audience at earlier stages of the funnel, even if just few of them care to respond, you’ll already get a better idea on which step might be the bottleneck.

So why wait?

In this post, we’ll show you how to easily collect customer feedback with zero coding knowledge, and provide a few examples of feedback widgets installed on real websites that will hopefully inspire you for creating one.

8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgets

To start using Getsitecontrol widgets, all you need is install the freemium plugin from the WordPress repository if your website is on WordPress.

And if you’re using any other platform, simply copy and paste a tiny code snippet to the code of your website. Don’t worry, you don’t have to understand coding, it’s a basic Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V action. Here is a short four-step instruction on how to do it in less than 2 minutes.

Now that we’ve sorted that out, here are 8 ideas on how to use website feedback widgets to learn what your audience thinks and wants.

Use surveys to collect customer feedback

Surveys are the most obvious and the easiest way to get feedback. And they are no-brainers to analyze! The best practice when conducting a survey, is to keep the number of questions under 5 and only ask what’s truly important. Another rule of thumb – always to randomize answer order so that each respondent sees it differently to avoid response bias.

In Getsitecontrol, you can create a simple linear survey or a more complicated one where the path of the survey changes based on the respondent’s answers. Simply click on “Create a widget”, choose “Survey” and edit the content section to adjust questions and answers to your needs.

You can then set up the conditions for the survey to appear on the page. For instance, you may want to place it on selected pages of your website. Or you may only want to survey returning visitors. Or those who have shown genuine interest in your content by visiting more than 2 pages in a single session. It’s all up to you and your marketing strategy!

Here are 4 ideas to get you started.

1. Create page-specific surveys based on the content and the funnel stage

8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgetsEcommpay shows this survey several seconds after you enter the homepage.

There is a time and a place for each user interaction and if you decide to employ surveys to collect customer feedback, make sure to strategize their placement.

8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgetsHere is a great page-specific survey example by Workshare.

You don’t want to have the same poll on every page. Instead, think of the customer journey and the context. For example, at the very top of the funnel you might want to ask “How did you hear about us?” or “What is your job title?” or even “Have you found what you were looking for?” And at the same time you can place purchase-related questions on purchase-related pages where they will be relevant and unobtrusive.

2. Add an exit survey to find out why people leave your website

8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgetsQuickStop is preparing for a campaign on Kickstarter and uses exit survey to learn why visitors are leaving their landing page.

Most website owners use exit-intent technology to prevent abandonment and convert visitors. And while exit intent pop-ups repeatedly show impressive results – especially for ecommerce websites – sometimes it might be a good idea to ask why a visitor is leaving in the first place.

Use Getsitecontrol exit-intent feature to show a survey right before someone wants to hit the X button.

3. Let customers rate your product/content/service

8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgetsRating scale widget by Getsitecontrol.

It is only natural to strive for optimization, and rating scales are an easy way to quickly identify soft spots. Besides, they require minimum effort from a visitor.

Is the product description sufficient? Does your F.A.Q. contain enough information to help the customer make a decision? How intuitive is the checkout process? Sure, you won’t get detailed responses, but you’ll get alerted if there is a step requiring immediate attention.

4. Use lead magnets to encourage visitors to share their thoughts

8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgetsMuves, a moving company offers 10 free moving boxes in exchange for information and an email.

Typically, the number of your website visitors willing to participate in a survey is somewhere around 2%. It’s not too surprising, given that essentially, they are spending time on answering the questions and not getting anything in return.

It’s in your power, however, to increase that number by offering an incentive. An incentive can be anything valuable to your audience – from a discount or free shipping to an eBook or a toolkit. If you haven’t heard about lead magnets before, here is an ultimate guide on how to create one.

Collect customer feedback with contact forms

Contact forms are crucial to have because when those few proactive visitors actually decide to share their thoughts or ask a question – they should be able to do so instantly. And an oversight of so many website owners is to hide feedback forms somewhere at the bottom of the page where not even every person will scroll to.

Don’t hope that the audience will persistently look for the ways to contact you. Instead, take the initiative and make the first step towards the conversation.

Here is a couple of examples.

1. Have a floating feedback widget allowing to contact you instantly

Contact forms are somewhat supplementary. Sometimes, there is no need to make them pop up upon entrance and interrupt user experience. Your goal is merely to make your contact form noticeable. Think of it as a sales associate who doesn’t jump on you offering assistance the second you enter the store – yet always staying in sight in case you have a question.

8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgets

Floating bars and tabs serve this purpose very well. Above is a great example of a floating “Contact us” bar that stays on the page as you scroll down.

2. Ask if help needed with a time-delayed pop-up

When someone spends more than few seconds on a webpage, chances are, that person has found what he was looking for. And if this is the page where a visitor is supposed to take action or make an important decision, you might want to be a bit more proactive than just having a static contact form within sight.

Here is a contact form popping up on UserSnap pricing page:

8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgets

It appears just a few seconds after landing and doesn’t interrupt user experience meanwhile politely offering assistance. Good job, Usersnap.

Now, to set up a time-delay trigger for a contact form in Getsitecontrol, open Behavior tab when setting up a new widget. Then choose the condition for the widget to display and decide how soon you want it to appear on the page.

8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgets

3. Initiate a contact after visitor views several pages of your website

Just like the time spent on a page, the number of pages visited during one session may indicate two things. A visitor is either interested in learning more about your business, or he is looking for a particular piece of information.

If your website navigation has been thoroughly thought through, the latter shouldn’t take too many clicks to accomplish. However, at this point – as we go back to the sales associate metaphor – a polite query will look quite opportunely.

8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgets

To set up this condition, go to the Targeting tab and choose how many pages a visitor must view for the contact form to be displayed.

Let customers contact you in real-time with a Live Chat

Although many online business owners believe chats are only good for having sales-related conversations, Live chats serve efficiently for collection customer feedback and providing technical support. More importantly, customers tend to choose Live chats over other ways to communicate with the company.

8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgetsDessein suggests starting a chat with a representative as soon as you land their website.

Apparently, the opportunity to have a conversation with a real person in real-time is so valued because it makes customers feel important and helps save time on the decision-making process. In fact, according to the research conducted by Zendesk, live chat experience leaves 92% customers happy – in comparison with an 85% satisfaction rate web forms and email conversations have.

On the other hand, as a website owner, you have the advantage of having a “seamless conversation” with customers. That means you can start chatting via the Live chat widget and continue the conversation via email in case either part goes offline for any reason. Besides, with Getsitecontrol, you can integrate chat widget with Slack and respond from any device even on the go.

8 ways to collect customer feedback on any website using Getsitecontrol widgets

Final Thoughts

We’ve provided you with a few ways to collect customer feedback and hopefully, at least one of them aligns with your goals.

  • If you need to collect information from your website visitors in bulk, a survey is your best bet.
  • Use lead magnets to increase the number of responses and achieve statistical validity faster.
  • Rating widgets won’t provide you with detailed feedback but they will serve as a quick quality check.
  • If you own an ecommerce website, a Live Chat is a de-facto standard to have.
  • Finally, if all you want is provide visitors with an easy way to leave feedback or ask questions that don’t require immediate answers, a contact form should be sufficient.

Remember that it’s equally important what, when and how you’re asking your visitors to do. Make sure to explore targeting and behavior settings to choose the right conditions for displaying the widget.

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