How to integrate Getsitecontrol with Google Analytics


  1. Log in to Getsitecontrol
  2. Click Site settings
  3. Check Integrate with Google Analytics
  4. View Getsitecontrol events in the Behavior section in Google Analytics

If you choose to integrate your Getsitecontrol account with Google Analytics all widget actions will be sent as custom events to Google Analytics and displayed under the 'getsitecontrol' category.

Step 1

Sign in to your Getsitecontrol account and click Site settings at the top of the page. On the General tab check the Integrate with Google Analytics check-box.

Integrate Getsitecontrol widgets with Google Analytics

That's all you need to do to start sending Getsitecontrol events to your Google Analytics dashboard.

To view events sent by Getsitecontrol open your Google Analytics dashboard, find the Behavior section and open Events. You will see that a new event category has been added and this new category is called 'getsitecontrol'. That's where you can see all the events sent by Getsitecontrol.

There are three possible Event Actions:

  • show (the widget is shown to a visitor)
  • close (a visitor clicks on the 'close' button)
  • action (a visitor clicks on the widget button)

The Event Label is the name of the widget as specified in your Getsitecontrol dashboard.

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