How to integrate widgets with Pardot


  1. Log in to Getsitecontrol → click Site settings → switch to Integrations
  2. Click Connect next to Pardot → enter your Username, Password and API key
  3. Find your API key in your Pardot account in SettingsMy ProfileAPI User Key
  4. Go back to the dashboard → click Edit on the necessary widget (Subscribe, Contact or Survey)
  5. Switch to Integrations → choose Pardot from the drop-down list under Third party integrations
  6. Choose a mailing list using the drop-down menu
  7. Click Map widget fields → match fields → click OK

If you use Pardot for email marketing and Getsitecontrol widgets to collect email addresses of your website visitors, you can easily connect the two apps to avoid having to manually export and import data. Simply choose the necessary mailing list and Getsitecontrol will add every new email subscriber to this list automatically.

Follow the steps below to integrate your Subscribe, Contact or Website survey widget with Pardot.

Step 1

Open your Getsitecontrol dashboard and click Site settings at the top of the page.

Integrate your widgets with Pardot

Switch to the Integrations tab, find Pardot in the list of applications and click Connect.

Integrate your widgets with Pardot

Enter your Pardot Username, Password and API key.

Integrate your widgets with Pardot

Username and Password are your Pardot account email and password. To find your API key, open your Pardot account, click Settings in the top right-hand corner, go to My Profile and copy API User Key.

Integrate your widgets with Pardot

You can see that Pardot is now connected. Here you can also disconnect it if necessary.

Integrate your widgets with Pardot

Step 2

Go back to the list of your widgets, find the one you want to connect to Pardot and click Edit. Open the Integrations tab.

Integrate your widgets with Pardot

Select Pardot from the drop-down list under Third-party integrations.

Integrate your widgets with Pardot

Use the second drop-down menu to choose one of your existing Pardot lists. This is the list new Getsitecontrol subscribers will be copied to.

Integrate your widgets with Pardot

Click the Map widget fields link and make sure the fields of your widget are correctly matched to those of your Pardot list. Here you can choose what information you want Getsitecontrol to send to Pardot and what fields these details should be added to. You can read more about field mapping here.

Click OK to save the changes. The widget is now connected to Pardot. Every time a website visitor submits their details via the widget on your website, the information will be instantly exported to Pardot.

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